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Mar 01, 2013

Bridging the Big Data divide between IT and business

A large software company needed to become more agile, better understand its customers, improve its products, and lower costs—all at the same time.

Client challenge

A large software company with tens of millions of users needed to update its product and software; balance its data storage and processing loads; and analyze vast amounts of data to improve its products. While the company had embarked on a Big Data pilot program to help address these issues, leadership was struggling to understand how the pilot program could enhance its products and bring value to customers. They needed to bridge the divide between the technology organization and the product-centric lines of business, and establish the viability of scaling the pilot to full implementation. They needed to demonstrate the business benefits and value of the Big Data solution.

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PwC's solution

PwC initially helped the client evaluate the viability of expanding its innovative Big Data pilot program; helped develop strategies to move the effort forward; and ultimately supported IT executives in demonstrating the business value of the proposed solution. PwC assisted IT leadership in developing the necessary data architecture model and technology roadmap. The team then helped bridge the divide between IT and business leadership. Using the proposed data architecture model and technology roadmap, PwC helped the client demonstrate the benefits of the proposed solution— not just to the business—but also to their customers.

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Impact on client's business

An innovative Big Data pilot is now driving value to the company and its customers. Today, the Big Data solution delivers benefits including a 30% improvement in speed to market; an improved user experience; improved technology infrastructure utilization during peak periods; and lower costs through the retirement of software licenses due to the migration to open source technologies. Ultimately, all the company’s products will roll onto the new open-source Big Data platform, giving the company improved insight, lower costs and increased agility.

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