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Addressing the Internet's IP transition

A global financial institution prepares for the future by planning its transition from IPv4 to IPv6.

Client challenge

As the Internet evolves from Internet Protocol V4 (IPv4) to Internet Protocol V6 (IPv6), companies need to move quickly to adopt the new IPv6 standard. IPv6 will generate trillions of new IP addresses that Internet users and connected devices will need to communicate. Unfortunately, IPv6 is not backward-compatible with IPv4. Companies must upgrade or replace their enterprise hardware, firmware, and software to complete the transition. A large financial institution wanted to plan for this transition to avoid any impact to its online services and customer experience. The move would also help the company create a scalable infrastructure, detect fraud—and ultimately retain a competitive advantage.


PwC's solution

PwC’s team of technical, business and management consulting professionals helped outline a multiphase IPv6 transition plan. In the first phase, we helped the client apply a multi-faceted approach to assess their technology stack. Within four months, we developed a comprehensive roadmap, migration strategy, and cost estimates. In phase two, we formalized an IPv6 transition program. The team established a Program Management Office (PMO). We also facilitated and analyzed lab testing results of the technology infrastructure, included IPv6 requirements in technology acquisition processes, established a process to track IPv6 infrastructure capability, and developed a process to monitor future external and internal drivers for IPv6 adoption.


Impact on client's business

As a result of the engagement, the financial company gained an understanding of its current state of IPv6 capability. Once launched, the program successfully met objectives, including avoiding a large capital investment and a gradual IPv6 integration into business-as-usual activities. Today, we continue to assist our client with formal implementation of the transition strategy and plan.


Published 05/2013

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