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May 01, 2014

A technology solution brings a human touch to retail sales

PwC blends its unique and retail & consumer experience to help a retailer strengthen its customer relationships and competitive differentiation. 

Client challenge

A high-profile global lifestyle brand with hundreds of retail stores worldwide was undergoing a major brand transformation in a fiercely competitive market. To position itself for growth, the retailer needed to revamp its customer engagement strategy—and deliver a personalized and trusted shopping experience across all of its channels. The retailer needed a solution to harness insights from social media, online sources and retail interactions to foster customer loyalty and increase revenues.

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PwC's solution

PwC deployed a team with in-depth and retail and consumer industry experience. As a Platinum Cloud Alliance partner, we helped create an innovative Salesforce-powered Total Retail Clienteling solution. The solution helps deliver a positive, differentiated shopping experience when customers interact with the brand. PwC innovations include pre-built integrations into core CRM, social, and mobile platforms, and relevant capabilities in finance, customer analytics, inventory, and supply chain. The solution is also available as a native iPad application and leverages the Salesforce 1 Mobile Application.

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Impact on client's business

We helped the retailer design and deploy the new Total Retail Clienteling Solution in just six weeks—assisting from strategy through execution. Today, the retailer is well on its way to implementing its new customer-centric sales strategy. The new solution is deployed in 100 stores to date, with hundreds more to come, and it’s already yielding a positive return, especially in the case of promotional events, which have already experienced a 25 percent sales lift.

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"A new customer-centric solution would be at the heart of a new strategy of “Retail Clienteling”..."

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