Mergers & Acquisitions

PwC provides complete insurance M&A assistance, built on a thorough understanding of claims liabilities, insurance risks and capital needs. Our experienced team facilitates the whole M&A lifecycle at the rapid pace necessary during most stages of insurance M&A transactions.

Potential issues

  • You want to expand, restructure or refocus your business, and are looking for advice on how to identify and prioritize appropriate targets, joint ventures, or divestments.
  • You are looking to understand and manage risks, including setting the criteria for success versus risk, and valuing the liabilities and assessing the associated potential downside risk.
  • You want to determine the price and value of a potential acquisition, or set a price on your company that reflects its true worth and maximizes your potential sale price.
  • You want due diligence advice or focused attention on any key risks or areas of likely concern at the early stage of the deal process.
  • You want to understand the financial and capital consequences of a transaction.

How we can help

  • Identification of attractive portfolios that offer a strong strategic fit for your company.
  • Increased shareholder value through a whole or partial sale.
  • Thorough appraisal and reporting of potential transactions, and identification of strategic, financial, functional/operational, systems, cultural risks, and any other areas of concern.
  • Our extensive knowledge of the industry enables us to provide you with timely knowledge of potential deal issues.
  • Sound, independent planning and advice for all stages of the M&A lifecycle that enable you to maximize the value of your transactions.

Our services

  • Deal identification services.
  • Financial, commercial and operational due diligence.
  • Actuarial appraisal and valuation, including valuing liabilities and explaining the key variables that influence value.
  • Regulatory and economic capital requirement assessments (post-merger, acquisition or divestment).
  • Business plan assumption assessments and estimation of future business/franchise value.
  • Assessment of underwriting, pricing, catastrophe modeling, aggregation management, claims handling and ceded reinsurance processes, controls and competencies.
  • Accounting advice on potential US GAAP and/or IFRS implications, especially for alternative risk products.
  • Negotiation and management of the regulatory communications process.
  • Value realization services.
  • Post-merger and post-acquisition integration services.