The 1,100 professionals on PwC's global actuarial services team help clients act decisively on their most important issues. We apply our risk and analytical skills to turn complex data into the predictive insights that inform practical business solutions.

The US actuarial services team consists of 175 credentialed life, health and non-life actuaries. We provide advice and consulting services to life and health insurers, non-life insurers, reinsurers, captives, banks, third-party administrators, regulators, agents and brokers, and bureaus and associations. We have extensive experience serving the domestic and international insurance industry, and assist insurers with actuarial modernization, process improvement, risk and capital management, value analyses, deals, and financial reporting.

Our specialty areas include:

  • P&C and life – We help insurers address new financial reporting requirements by assessing the financial and business impacts of regulations, building implementation plans, and implementing relevant requirements, particularly across areas of financial reporting change (e.g., insurance contracts and principles-based reserving).
  • Risk and capital management – We advise insurers on emerging risk management and regulatory changes, help them design and implement enterprise risk management frameworks, and measure and manage risk and capital against a range of regulatory, internal, and external requirements, including ORSA, risk-based capital, economic capital, Solvency II, and rating agency capital. For more information, see our risk and capital management page.
  • Insurance modernization – We help insurance companies develop efficient and effective finance, risk and actuarial organizations by identifying the tools, skills, competencies, and resources that can enable them to achieve their business strategy objectives and respond effectively to market developments. For more information, see our insurance modernization site.
  • Transactions and insurance capital markets – We provide actuarial analysis of and advice on insurance M&A transactions, reinsurance transfers, capital relief and restructuring (reinsurance and capital markets), post-merger integration and pension risk transfer transactions.
  • Advanced analytics – We help insurers improve operations, profitability, and competitive position by using predictive analytics and simulations modeling to sharpen underwriting models, better model policyholder behavior, identify “bad” claims early to facilitate better outcomes and lower costs, and identify fraudulent claims.
  • Claims and insurance operations – We help insurers improve the efficiency of their insurance and reinsurance operations, address unanticipated reserve development, identify opportunities for systems improvements, and reduce expenses by improving claims processes, reducing leakage, and improving vendor management protocols.
  • Loyalty programs – Using predictive analytics, we help hospitality (airline/hotels), retail, and banking loyalty programs improve customer lifetime value, design and redesign programs to the strategic advantage of the underlying business, and estimate loyalty program liabilities, including breakage (i.e., unredeemed points). 
  • Corporates/ governmental – We provide not only actuarial reserve and rating support, but also use our broader perspective to provide a proprietary insurance ERM framework to help corporates and governmental entities establish surplus levels to support the long-term viability of their organizations.