Our professionals are the difference

Our professionals are at the heart of our business strategy and success.

We understand that our business is impacted by a person's personal and professional life. We recruit top talent with a focus on diversity and inclusion, with traditional and nontraditional backgrounds so that we continue to build PwC as a great place to work.

Our people are armed with the tools—including enriching professional experiences, everyday coaching, timely and productive feedback, and high-quality learning and development opportunities—to deliver against our commitment to you each day. We are committed to building lasting relationships with you and delivering value to your business.

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Professional development

We emphasize the importance of real-time development at PwC so our people continually improve their professional skills and enhance their personal brand. We also offer a wide variety of training and developmental opportunities so our people stay relevant in the marketplace and build their credentials and experiences.

Diversity and inclusion 

At PwC, we believe that we can't arrive at winning solutions until we are able to identify and address the issues that still exist in our communities and schools around race, gender and sexual orientation. Although our definition of diversity expands to include many more dimensions, our programs are focused on the areas of diversity that present the greatest challenges in our society.

Work/Life quality and flexibility

We understand that a culture of flexibility is at the heart of work/life quality for our people. We also recognize that to perform at their best, people need to recharge and re-energize themselves—and our generous vacation and time off policy supports our commitment.

Commitment to our communities

PwC is committed to supporting the communities in which we work and live. We embrace a philosophy of corporate responsibility through charitable giving and community service. That's why we provide our people with numerous opportunities to give back to their communities throughout the year.

Support for working parents

At PwC, we believe you can be both a great parent and a high-performing professional. Our programs, benefits and resources are designed to help working mothers and fathers meet the dual demands of family and career. Our culture acknowledges the challenges and provides the flexibility and individualized career options to provide all of our people with a rewarding experience.

The PwC family

From the moment a professional comes on board, they are considered a part of the PwC family. Even if they choose to leave the firm to explore other opportunities, we stay connected through our ever-growing alumni community network. We support our PwC alumni with virtual tools and resources, as well as networking opportunities to help them stay connected to us and their former colleagues.

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