Workspace efficiency

Workspace efficiency

Our biggest opportunity to increase our workspace efficiency is to literally take up less space per person. For a growing firm, this comes down to doing more with what space we already have. Over the past year, despite adding employees, we have kept the amount of our office space constant and reduced the square feet per employee. This decoupling is critical as we seek to both limit our environmental impact and grow our business.

Comparing average square footage and average Full Time Equivalent workforce

Comparing square footage and headcount

  FY11 FY12 FY13
Average square footage of our office spaces 4,648,748 5,173,864 5,283,355
Average Full Time Equivalent (FTE) workforce 31,983 34,545 37,580

Making the best use of our space

Our hoteling system allows access to office space when it’s needed and frees up that space when it’s not. Accessible from smart phones, PwC laptops, and office kiosks, staff can quickly and easily shift between working at the office, at a client site, or remotely. We have also deployed a new workspace design in several offices that not only improves collaboration, but also makes better use of the space, all while providing employees with a productive environment.

Percentage of LEED-certified square footage

LEED-certified square footage

  FY11 FY12 FY13
Percentage of LEED-certified square footage 38% 44% 50%

Materials and waste

Beyond the space we occupy, it is also important to consider the materials we use and the waste we create. We have invested in several programs that make it easy for our people to use less and recycle more. Print Smart automatically helps our employees to print using less paper; Smart Call makes it easy to recycle phones and other small electronics; and TechTurn ensures that our laptops are properly refurbished or recycled. In addition, each year we conduct a firmwide File Clean-Up Week to ensure all old materials are both securely disposed of (shredded) and recycled.