Green Teams

Green Teams

Employee participation is critical to reaching our carbon reduction goal, as a majority of our emissions relate to air travel and commuting, factors that employees can influence. Our network of Green Teams – with representation in each of our markets – drives our broad environmental stewardship strategy at the individual, office, and market level.

Each year, we hold the Green Challenge to equip and empower our Green Teams to build a broader network, engage with local staff, and work with their local offices to find opportunities for change. The spirit of interoffice competition inspires new ideas that address energy consumption, waste reduction, and community outreach.

Trees for Threes

The Green Teams in Dallas and New York Metro have partnered with the NBA teams in their cities through a program called Trees for Threes. For every three-point shot the team scores at home, PwC plants a tree in one of the city’s local parks.

In 2013, the New York Knicks earned 1,000 trees for their home city, 309 trees were planted thanks to the Brooklyn Nets and, through the on-court efforts of the Mavericks, an additional 277 were planted in Dallas.

FY13 1,586 trees planted