Student programs

Student programs

As part of Earn Your Future, PwC has developed programs that focus on youth education.

Project Belize

Project Belize is an innovative program designed to address social and economic challenges by integrating financial literacy and entrepreneurship into the school curriculum. Since 2008, we have sent more than 1,000 partners, principals, staff, interns, and retired partners to Belize City – a city challenged by incredible poverty and an overcrowded educational system – to lead financial literacy and entrepreneurship camps at 30 local schools.

High School Business Challenge

It’s a rare experience when high school students are given an opportunity to win $40,000 for their schools and iPads for themselves by creating the winning business plan for a record label. But that’s exactly what the 650 students and 14 teachers who participated in PwC’s High School Business Challenge had the chance to do with the help of more than 60 dedicated PwC mentors and team leaders.

At the Challenge recognition luncheon on February 28, PwC presented the grand prize of $40,000 from the PwC Charitable Foundation to the Riverview High School team to help enhance financial education at their school.

(L to R): PwC Advisory Partner Lindsey Jarrell, PwC Tampa Managing Partner Mike Quackenbush, student Tyliah Williams, student Cherrell Campbell, student Chad Rivera, teacher Nancy MacLauchlan and Principal Bob Heilmann.