Educator programs

Educator programs

As part of Earn Your Future, PwC has also developed programs to give educators the tools they need to teach financial literacy.

Knowledge@Wharton High School

PwC partners with Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS) to bring needed business and financial responsibility education training to high school educators across the country. This intensive learning experience allows educators to deepen their knowledge and teaching skills about financial literacy and business to take back into their classrooms. In FY13, PwC sponsored 360 high school teachers, principals, administrators, and superintendents from public and private schools across the country for the seminar.

Financial Literacy Award

In FY13, PwC launched the Financial Literacy Award, which recognizes the achievements educators have made in preparing their students to make responsible financial decisions by bringing financial education to life in the classroom.

Kathy Focht of Wilson High School, West Lawn, PA, won the competition for her lesson on “Saving Money with Mortgage Payments.”

Kathy teaches Investing, Personal Finance, Accounting I, II and IIII, International Business, and Cooperative Education.

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