While we will always make high quality client service our top priority, our partners and staff have told us we need to do a better job of changing our mindset and enhancing everyday flexibility for our people. Although formal flexible arrangements are not practical options for everyone, everyday flexibility applies to nearly all of our people. Individuals and teams are encouraged to have a conversation around what’s important to each of them personally and find ways to accommodate each other’s priorities in and outside of work. It’s important to keep in mind that enhancing flexibility is not necessarily about working less – it’s about working differently.

Kimberly’s story

“Life is constantly changing and it is during those times of transition that we need the most support. At 22, while I was figuring out ‘what I want to be when I grow up,’ I was able to, with the support of my team, work part-time to finish my graduate degree. At 27, when I was ready for a career change, a mentor at PwC helped me to find the right path. And then, at 31, I took extended maternity leave after having my first child.”

Kimberly Liu, Senior manager

In support of our focus on flexibility, we deployed several new technologies in FY13, including new mobile apps designed to enable greater flexibility and productivity in our work. We incentivized our people to embrace our efforts and held a contest called “plan2flex,” which awarded prizes to teams that developed and executed plans for greater flexibility. More than 1,800 teams from across the firm entered, with 36 winners and 83 runners up. The contest touched nearly half of our people.