Compensation and benefits

Compensation and benefits

As part of our commitment to transparency, PwC communicates the competitiveness of an employee’s salary, how pay is determined, and what the potential career-earning opportunities are for each individual. We provide employees with a competitive package through a combination of salary, bonus opportunities, milestone and recognition awards, non-monetary awards, and health and financial benefits. Quarterly financial updates at a firmwide level provide staff with greater visibility into the linkage between pay and performance, and allow them to track their progress toward annual performance bonus targets.

Career Milestone Awards

Our Career Milestone Awards recognize employees’ sustained efforts and contributions at various stages of their careers. These awards include a unique leadership development experience for new senior associates, a significant financial bonus for new managers over and above their annual incentive compensation, and a paid sabbatical leave of up to four weeks for new senior managers and directors.


Discover is a developmental leadership experience that serves as the milestone reward for our newly promoted senior associates. It’s about self-leadership and personal accountability. In its second year, Discover has impacted over 3,300 senior associates’ lives and has grown its network of support champion partners to 300+ strong.

“This program is much more than a reward for being promoted. It’s a life-changing experience that will influence the way you think and act. The value I received from this trip is not something I could buy with a bonus or replicate on a vacation.”

Discover participant

Health and wellness

The health and financial well-being of our partners and staff is an integral part of our people strategy. We reinforce personal responsibility as a key component of well-being and we want our people to be actively engaged in managing their own health. The cornerstone of our health care focus is our annual physical benefit, which provides comprehensive physical exams free of charge each year for staff enrolled in a PwC medical plan option through a premier preventive care provider.

Our Well-Being Rewards program incentivizes our people to make health and well-being, as well as responsible behaviors, a priority. Employees earn points for doing things such as exercising, undergoing routine medical exams, volunteering, or using public transportation, which can be redeemed for gift cards or charitable donations. Each point earned equates to $1 in value.

PwC U.S. Carbon Footprint

  FY11 FY12 FY13
Staff who participated in Well-Being Rewards 58% 65% 68%