Learning and development

Learning and development

Professional development, whether through formal learning or on the job, is an essential part of what we call the “PwC Experience.” Our approach to learning and development is based on the 70/20/10 model: 70% of job-related learning occurs at work; 20% happens through coaching and mentoring; and 10% occurs through formal curricula (online or in person). Within this model are various forms of applied learning, including diverse opportunities such as global work assignments and a robust coaching culture.

Kym’s story

“What I’ve discovered at PwC is that the firm is always encouraging its employees to test things, examine them, and look for innovative and different solutions.

Take my area of focus – training and development. I think the firm has consistently made investments to expand learning beyond the traditional classroom environment. The virtual nature of learning complements our coaching culture because ultimately each of us is responsible for our own development.”

Kym Ward Gaffney, Director

Our learning model

10% occurs through formal curricula (online or in a classroom)

  • Classrooms
  • Technology-based
  • Support tools and aides
  • Learning plans

20% happens through coaching and mentoring

  • Engaging with peers
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Observation and shadowing
  • Shared lessons learned

70% of job-related learning occurs at work

  • Challenging work assignments
  • Problem-solving opportunities
  • Diversity of experiences
  • Referencing knowledge resources
  • Social collabortation & practice
Our learning model

Coaching and feedback

We consider our coaching culture to be especially crucial. Providing candid, regular feedback, in formal and informal ways, is necessary to enhance one’s individual and team performance. Coaching develops our people, teaches them new skills, and creates high-performing teams who can deliver top-quality solutions to our clients and other stakeholders.

All partners and staff in the U.S. firm are evaluated each year and receive regular performance reviews, as well as coaching to help individuals maximize their future potential.