Developing our people

Developing our people

Our people – more than 39,000 in total – are our greatest strength and we want them to thrive professionally and personally. Our world-class, market-focused curriculum and development programs provide our people with the ability to broaden their knowledge through ongoing skill development and deliver added value and quality to our clients, increase their personal relevance, and position themselves for success.

Katherine’s story

“I joined PwC from an insurance company in 2013 and what struck me immediately was that everyone obviously enjoys what they do and where they work. Things are certainly a lot different from where I’ve worked before – there’s a much more diverse range of people for a start, and I find that really refreshing. I think it’s something that can make an office so much more creative. I’m looking forward to a long career at PwC, although I admit I’ll always have one eye on opportunities to work with the firm abroad.”

Katherine Netinho, Manager

We believe that our people will do great things when given the opportunity to grow and when appreciated, recognized, and rewarded for a job well done. We are focused on an integrated approach to growth that includes experiential and formal learning and development, coaching and feedback, and opportunities to build their career.

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