Podcast: 10Minutes on data and identity theft

Keeping sensitive data out of the wrong hands

The global nature of business has made companies more vulnerable to data and identity theft, as the sharing of information with business partners and third parties has increased opportunities for data loss, misuse, or compromise. Factors such as the growing portability of data via mobile devices, lack of adequate safeguards, and higher incentives for thieves along with minimal risks of prosecution are all contributing to the problem. Being a victim of identity theft can be devastating, resulting in substantial financial losses as well as dealing a strong blow to a company's reputation.

In this podcast, data and identity theft professionals from PwC's security practice, Mark Lobel, Fred Rica, and Mike Cunning, discuss key risk indicators of data and identity theft vulnerability and explain why having strong data safeguards in place can help secure a company's reputation, competitiveness, and financial well-being.

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