10Minutes on customer impact

March 2012
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Customer impact

At a glance

Designing and delivering truly exceptional customer experiences has become the key to achieving sustainable, profitable organic growth. In fact, new socio-economic and demographic conditions have fused themselves with technological innovation to redefine the very nature of customer value and how businesses should go about delivering it.

Today's empowered customers expect distinctive, high-touch experiences that keep pace with their wants and needs. Exceptional customer experience is one of the key drivers of organic business growth, and organizations can gain a clear advantage if they learn to transform customer data into insights and meaningful interactions.

That said, the majority of companies don't have sufficiently mature processes and skills to uncover these insights from customer information flows. Information from corporate sources is often in a format employees cannot use, and two-thirds of workers distrust information from other functions in the organization outside of their own.

Customer expectations are rising fast, changing the way firms do business. This 10Minutes explores what companies should consider doing to keep up.

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