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7/18/14 10Minutes on organizational DNA Operations
4/28/14 10Minutes on integrated reporting Risk
3/19/14 Revenue recognition Governance
2/25/14 Data privacy Governance
12/9/13 10Minutes on service provider transparency Innovation and technology
11/11/13 10Minutes on transforming the tax function Innovation and technology
9/30/13 Strategic supply chain management Operations
7/24/13 Drug value Innovation and technology
7/15/13 Whistleblower reform Governance
6/25/13 10Minutes on eco-efficiency Sustainability
6/3/13 10Minutes on lease accounting Operations
5/14/13 Why the COSO Update deserves your attention Operations
5/9/13 Conflict minerals Operations
4/19/13 Harnessing customer demand to drive growth Operations
4/18/13 Investing in China's private healthcare system Strategy and growth
4/11/13 Stark realities of cybersecurity Risk
3/11/13 Remaking of utilities Operations
2/27/13 Shaping the Boardroom Agenda Governance
2/6/13 Building the customer-centered organization Operations
1/17/13 Supply chain flexibility Operations
1/3/13 Creating value from Global Business Services Operations
12/5/12 Derivatives reform for non-financial services companies Regulation
10/31/12 10Minutes on environmental and social risk Risk
10/5/12 Talent priorities Talent
10/4/12 US Manufacturing Resurgence Strategy and growth
7/31/12 Academic medical centers Strategy and growth
7/30/12 Eurozone sovereign debt crisis Strategy and growth
6/20/12 Global talent mobility Talent
5/10/12 Effective audit committees Governance
3/23/12 Business continuity management Operations