Expanding business in Asia Pacific

January 2012
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Expanding business in Asia Pacific

At a glance

As Asia Pacific economies continue their rapid growth and become more deeply integrated, multinational companies are changing how they're expanding in the region for the long-haul--from setting up regional hubs and distribution networks, to developing local talent, to building brand loyalty amongst the region's rapidly growing number of middle class consumers.

Asia Pacific economies have crossed into a new kind of growth, a new era of interconnectedness.

Global companies, at the same time, are on a new course of regional integration. They are setting up regional hubs, or "second HQs", and laying down intra-regional distribution and services networks, building brands, tapping innovation in the region for new products and services, and forging partnerships with local governments.

This is happening as the U.S. enters a new era of engagement in the region.

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