10Minutes on the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis

July 2012
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Eurozone sovereign debt crisis

At a glance

As Europe continues to grapple with sovereign debt problems, austerity measures, and recession, the Eurozone is changing and will likely emerge from the ongoing crisis looking quite different from the one we know today. Because the world is so interconnected, virtually every company will be affected and needs to figure out the impact on their companies worldwide - from strategy and operations to execution - and start preparing now.

The Eurozone crisis is unfolding in ways that will have deep, unpredictable and volatile impacts on business for the foreseeable future. The crisis is driving companies to rethink their approach to business, starting with their global footprints and how they set strategies and position operations to compete. The depth and breadth of this impact is challenging many companies to manage through the crisis, but it is also bringing opportunity to those prepared to act.

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