10Minutes on realizing ERP value

March 2009
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Realizing ERP value

At a glance

Across industries, at one level or another, enterprise applications (and whether they’re agile, efficient and cost-effective) sit at the core of a company’s ability to weather the current economic downturn – or capitalize on it. 10Minutes discusses how economic downturns can be the best time to undertake a wide range of ERP-related actions.

In the current economic environment, companies are under tremendous pressure to ensure continuity of key operations with fewer resources.

Some are reducing head count, others are shedding noncore businesses, and many are seeking new efficiencies from critical business operations.

Successfully meeting these priorities— now and in the future—depends in large measure upon the state of an organization’s core systems. Not surprisingly, companies are taking a close, hard look at ERP.

ERP-enabled business change can unlock enormous opportunities. Not only right now—when endurance is the first order of the day—but also later, when the markets come roaring back.


  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a set of business applications that coordinates the resources, information, and activities needed to complete core business processes.
  • During an economic slowdown, ERP is a strategic tool to reduce costs, improve processes, better manage risk, and even pursue change.
  • ERP-enabled business change can yield a significant return on investment even in a down economy.
  • Reevaluate ERP’s link to strategy, assess its ability to support multiple company futures, and understand which individuals play pivotal roles.

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