10Minutes on the stark realities of cybersecurity

April 2013
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Stark realities of cybersecurity

At a glance

This 10Minutes discusses why cybersecurity is more than an IT challenge—it’s a business imperative. New technologies, well-funded and determined adversaries, and interconnected business ecosystems have combined to increase your company’s exposure to cyberattacks. Critical digital assets are being targeted and the potential impact to your business has never been greater. In order to sufficiently protect the business, future cash flows, and shareholder value, your approach to cybersecurity must keep pace.

Businesses that are adapting to the new reality are:

  1. reconsidering the scope of the challenge,
  2. re-evaluating ownership and accountability for cybersecurity,
  3. understanding the motive, means and methods of their adversaries,
  4. protecting the information that really matters to the business,
  5. collaborating and sharing information in order to have the best available knowledge about the ever changing threats.

When you can do this successfully, you do more than protect the business; you reap bottom line benefits.