10Minutes on building the customer-centered organization

February 2013
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Building the customer-centered organization

At a glance

What does a customer-centered organization look like? What investments are needed to take you there, and what might that journey look like? This 10Minutes discusses these questions and how companies who focus on creating a customer-centered organization may reap real dividends.

Across industries and around the world, businesses are undergoing strategic makeovers to meet the new demands of a changing global economy. Emerging markets are growing at a significantly faster clip than the developed economies and, with a renewed focus on growth, companies are looking to capitalize on opportunities—to increase revenue, create innovative new products and services, and fill critical skills gaps—in unfamiliar parts of the world.

"Getting closer to the customer" is a refrain we've heard time and again, but now company leaders realize that business success truly depends on it. An outside-in view that puts customers at the heart of your organizational strategy may be the most important thing that distinguishes you from competitors.

What does a customer-centered organization look like? It's a company that considers the customer in everything it does, from product and service development to the entire customer experience. It also speaks to its customers in their own language and makes it easy for them to do business with the company.

Companies that design this kind of organization—focusing on the right metrics, an integrated approach, and well-defined investments—can reap real dividends. They'll be able to build loyalty, increase retention, and command price premiums.

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