10Minutes on the CIO

April 2010
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At a glance

Though c-suite executives are pretty comfortable with technology these days, they can work with their CIOs and CTOs to use new technology to build competitive advantage. With new products and services, CIOs and CTOs are helping to win loyal customers while running increasingly efficient IT organizations. Is your company embracing these opportunities? If not, here’s some insight into what you can do.

C-suite executives these days are pretty comfortable with technology, thanks to iPhones, Kindles and other innovative consumer products. What they may not realize is that, by working more closely with their CIOs, they can use technology to build their company’s next competitive advantage.

Leading CIOs are already helping their companies develop new products and services, win loyal customers and use data to make better-informed decisions – while running increasingly efficient IT organizations.

If this isn’t happening at your company, you may want to read this 10Minutes and gain some insights into what you can do.

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