10Minutes on the CEO agenda

March 2011
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CEO agenda

At a glance

The changing global economy, emerging markets and a renewed focus on growth — how are companies capitalising on opportunities to increase revenue, create innovative products and services, and fill skills gaps in unfamiliar parts of the world?

Across industries and around the world, businesses are undergoing strategic makeovers to meet the new demands of a changing global economy. Emerging markets are growing at a significantly faster clip than the developed economies and, with a renewed focus on growth, companies are looking to capitalize on opportunities--to increase revenue, create innovative new products and services, and fill critical skills gaps--in unfamiliar parts of the world.

Though these are still uncertain times, corporate priorities are shifting, and CEOs are asking themselves and their leadership teams one key question: Is our company primed for growth? 10Minutes explores the 8 critical questions--about strategy, talent, innovation, risk and other pressing issues--executives should be asking to stay competitive. 

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