Entertainment, Media and Communications Deal Insights: Second quarter 2015

August 2015
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US Entertainment, Media and Communications Deal Insights: Second quarter 2015

At a glance

Deal volumes rebound from a sluggish start in 2015 and deal values reach their highest point in over two years. PwC provides a summary of second quarter 2015 deal activity, megadeal activity and an outlook for key sectors.

Deal volumes, which declined markedly in Q1’15, recovered some lost ground in Q2’15, increasing by 6% to 208 deals. There were increases in deal volumes across a number of EMC sectors, most notably Publishing and Communications. Slightly offsetting this growth was a decline in deal volumes in the Internet Related/Information Services sector, which had been running hot for several consecutive quarters.

Spotlight article

Online Casino Gaming growth: New entrants and market convergence
The Global Casino Gaming industry is undergoing an interesting period of transition. Innovation in mobile technology and social media platforms have fueled this online gaming momentum and created lower barriers to entry for new entrants, in what traditionally has been a “brick and mortar” sector. We expect a continued strong level of deal activity in the industry driven by these disruptions from new players and from existing competitors positioning themselves to capture market share. It will be critical for deal makers to follow a disciplined approach to their deals to capture the value of these opportunities.

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