Asset Management 2020: A Brave New World

The asset management industry stands on the edge of a number of fundamental shifts that will shape its future. With the global financial crisis barely behind them, most asset managers have afforded themselves little time to bring the future into focus. Yet the way in which many of them will operate in 2020 will be significantly different compared to today.

Asset Management 2020: A Brave New World, explores how the industry’s operating landscape will change by 2020, and explains how asset managers can prepare for the challenges ahead and turn them into competitive advantages.

The report is intended to provide guidelines for asset management industry participants to prepare their operating models, people and processes for the changes ahead.

For more information and to download the report, click on the publication link.

Watch the interview clips on this page of Barry Benjamin, PwC’s Global Asset Management Leader, and our PwC Partners talking about how global megatrends will help influence the future of the asset management industry as we see it.