Access Your Potential™

Closing the opportunity, education and skills gap in our communities by empowering educators and inspiring students.

The issue

Equal talents, unequal opportunities

When those who have the will to succeed are held back by limited resources, it undermines the ability of individuals, enterprises, communities, and nations to advance and thrive.

Income inequality in the US is greater than in any other major developed nation, putting the country’s overall economic growth at risk. Underserved populations are challenged with adapting to rapid changes with limited resources, including the use of emerging technologies in the workplace and the rising cost of education. This lack of equality – generations in the making –can lead to job loss, fewer opportunities and financial insecurity, which results in less stable communities. 

Inequality is not just a social issue, it is a business issue. Business cannot meet its potential where communities are failing.

Our commitment

Invest in underserved populations today for greater societal parity tomorrow

PwC is investing $320 million to support underserved populations in building their careers and their financial capability and technology skills so they can thrive in today’s challenging marketplace. 

What we’re doing

Replacing barriers with opportunities

Building on Earn Your Future®, PwC’s Access Your Potential focuses on strengthening financial capability and technology skills of underserved populations so they are prepared for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

  • Leveraging our people - our greatest asset - to teach financial concepts and technology skills by expanding our Earn Your Future curriculum.
  • Creating a virtual platform that connects PwC professionals with young people to share advice around how to leverage their skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow.
  • Developing introductory technology courses for technology skills, like data analytics, and enhancing technology resources in underserved schools.
  • Investing in startups that are disrupting the marketplace around technology skills, financial skills, college readiness, and student debt.
  • Investing in research that will help us better understand the job readiness landscape.
  • Continuing to help support our people through our Student Loan Paydown program to reduce their student debt, while also working with other organizations to do the same.

Our focus areas

Developing technology skills

Many within the US workforce are underprepared for the growing digital marketplace, lacking the skills needed to succeed in today’s job market. This is especially relevant for underserved populations who may struggle to tap into those skills and opportunities.

More than 50% of today's jobs require some degree of technological skills, and experts believe that number will raise to 77% in the coming decade.

Americans have accumulated more than $1.4 trillion in student debt, with low-income and minority communities being disproportionately impacted.

Strengthening financial capability

From understanding how to finance your secondary education, to buying a car, to saving for retirement, many people struggle with their financial health. Finding ways to scale financial education is critical to building a more secure future.

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