Analytical surveys and reports 2013

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Doing Business and Investing in Ukraine - 2013


The Doing Business Guide offers valuable insight and advice to help you understand the complex tax and legal aspects of doing business in this country.

Global Top 100 Companies by market capitalisation


In this brief report we have identified the top 100 listed companies in the world and ranked them by market capitalisation.

Unleashing the power of innovation


A PwC survey “Unleashing the power of innovation” of 246 CEOs in 60 countries reveals that 97% of CEOs see innovation as a top priority for their business.

World Watch: Issue 1 2013


News and opinion on governance, reporting and assurance issues affecting business today

World Watch: Issue 2, 2013


News and opinion on governance, reporting and assurance issues affecting business today

Delivering capital projects in CEE/CIS


Capital project managers expect an increase in infrastructure and capital spending in CEE over the next 12 months, but are looking to the private sector for financing

The talent challenge


The talent challenge: A time for extraordinary leadership.

16th Annual Global CEO Survey: Dealing with disruption Adapting to survive and thrive


Majority of CEOs Say Global Economy to Remain Stalled in 2013. Fiscal deficits, over-regulation and the economy top concerns in PwC's 16th Annual Global CEO survey.

Global economy watch - January 2013


2013 will be the year when we start to see how the world economy will look for the rest of the century. It will be the year when businesses recognise beyond any doubt that global growth and commodity prices are now driven primarily by developments in China and India, not the US and Europe. In the first issue of Global Economy Watch for 2013, we set out the themes we believe will dominate the global economic outlook this year and how this will impact the wider business agenda.

Paying Taxes 2013


A new report from the World Bank, IFC, and PwC finds that governments continue to reform their tax systems despite global economic uncertainty, with 31 economies having taken steps from June last year through May 2012 to make it easier and cost less for small and medium businesses to pay taxes.

Outlook for the Global Sports Market to 2015. Changing the Game


PwC’s second outlook for the global sports market “Changing the game: the Outlook for the Global Sports Market to 2015” provides revenue forecasts at a global and regional level over the five years to 2015.