Disposal Services

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We aim to ensure that the seller is always in control of the process through our Disposal Services.

Sell-side Due Diligence
Such analysis is made by the seller at the beginning of the sale process rather than by prospective purchasers. We employ full range of expertise to give a business review, encompassing its performance and prospects and all issues that may be relevant to a purchaser.

This approach helps to uncover all potential problems related to the deal and gives the seller an opportunity to control and solve them. Otherwise, the potential buyer, detecting these problems himself, would be able to capitalize on them during the negotiations, as it frequently happens. At the same time the fact of legal liability to the final buyer does not affect the objectivity of our work.

Carve-out service
Our service in this field is focused towards corporate clients planning to sell a part of a company or several companies of a group. Separating business usually has complex management structure causing problems with separation of operational and financial functions in and outside of it.

This service adopts the same principles as sell-side due diligence but starts even earlier in the disposal process and involves a multi-disciplinary team approach to minimize the business disruption and pressure on management usually experienced when businesses are being separated.