Training "Сustoms regimes: practical application"

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The PwC Academy invites you to attend our training "Сustoms regimes: practical application".

Audience: This training is designed for the top management (directors, legal counsels, and heads of logistics and customs clearance departments) of Ukrainian companies engaged in cross-border transactions.

1 February 2013
from 9:30 to 13:30 (including a coffee-break)
PwC Ukraine’s office,
75 Zhylyanska Street,
Eurasia Business Centre, 10th floor

Why you may need this training

The new Customs Code has substantially changed the customs regimes. Many of them have acquired new meanings - for example, re-export and re-import regimes now do work in practice. Other regimes have undergone significant changes. Thus,The inward processing regime now provides a lot of new opportunities for businesses. The temporary import regime is now fully based on the Istanbul Convention. We will discuss which customs regime should be chosen to optimize taxation. We will also share with you some interesting findings, allowing for a fresh look at the customs regimes.

Scope of the training

During this training, we will tell you in a simple and understandable manner about the new opportunities provided by the new system of customs regimes. We will discuss the conditions for applying the various regimes, as well as the tax treatment of different cross-border transactions.

In particular, we will equip you with knowledge relevant to:

  • re-import and re-export: cases of application and specifics of taxation;
  • temporary import: partial and full tax exemption;
  • inward and outward processing: tax benefits and risks. re-export issue;
  • duty exemption for the products of processing in the European Union and CIS countries;
  • international repairs. tax reliefs on re-import of repaired goods;
  • equivalent compensation in the processing regimes;
  • perspectives of free customs zones of various types;
  • customs warehouses and commercial special zones during goods trade.

Special opportunity for attendees:

You can appoint a meeting with our customs manager in order to obtain a free customs consultation (if it does not require a significant time investment). Please discuss this opportunity with our customs managers.

Coaches: Our specialists have a customs background and know the work of the customs system "from the inside". In addition, we have experience working with customs for busineses. We also advised the Government and Parliament during the development of the new Customs Code, drafting several sections of the Code.

Special opportunity for attendees:

  • Igor Dankov - Senior Manager, 20 years of customs experience, has served as a Co-Chair of the Customs Committee in the American Chamber of Commerce for a number of years and was a member of the governmental working group for the development of the Customs Code.
  • Denis Shendryk - Manager, 10 years of customs experience, former Head of the Customs Audit Division with the State Customs Service, now holds the position of Co-Chair of the Customs Committee in the European Business Association.
  • Robert Zeldy - Manager, 15 years of customs and brokerage experience, was a member of the governmental working group for the development of the Customs Code.

Cost of the training - UAH 1,500 per person (excluding VAT).

For registration and terms of participation please contact us by phone: 044 490 67 77 (contact person - Irina Blinova) or e-mail. We are always happy to see you at PwC!