Post deal services

Our Post deal integration service identifies where the priority post-deal lie and provides short term project management and implementation for companies who either lack in-house expertise or management time to the issues involved in post deal integration themselves.

Areas of focus include:

  • integration programme management;
  • value driver analysis, prioritisation and execution;
  • communication to stakeholders;
  • identification of barriers to change; and
  • developing the ‘urgent actions’ necessary to take control and preserve value;

The Accelerated Transition

  • The Accelerated Transition® is a unique trademarked PricewaterhouseCoopers methodology that helps secure the value in deal by rapid business integration in the early days following an announcement.
  • The period immediately following completion of the deal is the time when most deal value is lost if the business is not gripped quickly if the priorities are not correctly identified.
  • The effectiveness of this service stems from its focus on identifying key 20% of the actions that will capture 80% of the value from the deal.
  • Transaction Services (together with the appropriate Management Consultants) delivers The Accelerated Transition®. The service combines operational, financial, human resource and skills.