Merger and Acquisition Services

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How can we help?

Our attorneys are ready to provide full legal support for MA transactions. We are able to provide integrated services with tax and financial products. Our worldwide network enables us to perform effective management of complex, cross-border transactions.

Legal due diligence

  • Evaluation of the target from a legal standpoint (either full-scope or limited)
  • Identification of deal-breakers
  • Assistance for addressing the revealed risks


  • Analysis of the tax and legal implications of the proposed transaction structures
  • Analysis of specific regulatory requirements for implementation of the transaction
  • Overview of alternative structuring options

Transaction documents

  • Drafting/reviewing sale and purchase agreements under Ukrainian, UK, or any other relevant law
  • Drafting/reviewing other transaction documents (e.g. shareholders’ agreement, escrow account agreement, letter of intent, confidentiality and exclusivity agreements, etc)
  • Drafting internal corporate documents related to the transaction

Acquisition clearance

  • Antimonopoly clearance
  • Obtaining other relevant approvals and authorizations

Other support

  • Assisting in negotiations with the seller
  • Monitoring of the sellers’ execution of pre-closing obligations
  • Assisting in post-closing restructuring and integration

Vendor assistance

  • Carrying out vendor due diligence
  • Assisting in pre-sale restructuring
  • Preparing and maintaining a due diligence Data Room
  • Assisting in organizing and conducting tenders for potential buyers
  • Support in preparing transaction documents
  • Assisting a vendor in fulfilling pre-closing obligations