Labour Law Services

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How can we help?

Our team of legal professionals can provide full scope services in the area of labour law to our clients, including:

Consulting on matters in the area of labour relations:

  • Establishing internal regulations, working schedule and remuneration policy;
  • Developing/negotiating the collective agreement;
  • Establishing and termination of employment relations with personnel;
  • Concluding contracts with CEO/Director/General Director;
  • Processing of employees’ personal data.

Drafting required documentation:

  • Labour agreements with ordinary personnel;
  • Labour contracts with management;
  • Collective agreement;
  • Internal working regulations;
  • Labour remuneration policy;
  • Other internal policies/regulations.

Performing healthcheck of the existing documentation:

  • Verifying compliance of existing HR documents with the requirements of the law;
  • Amending/improving the existing HR documents

Assisting with labour disputes resolution

  • Identifying preconditions for potential labour conflicts;
  • Advising on possible preventive measures;
  • Helping in mediation/negotiation processes;
  • Supporting employers in court proceedings.