Legal Services Regarding the Financial Sector

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How can we help?

Our team of legal professionals, acting together with our tax and accounting colleagues, offers comprehensive services to our clients operating in the financial sector (both financial and non-financial institutions). Our worldwide legal network of 2,000 lawyers from more than 75 countries enables us to assist our clients in complex cross-border projects.

Establishment and acquisition

  • Registration of financial institutions with the state authorities
  • Obtaining financial permits and banking licences
  • Legal support with acquisition of financial institutions
  • Obtaining clearance from regulatory bodies (antimonopoly clearance and clearance from the banking and financial regulatory authorities)

Loan portfolio transfer and loan restructuring

  • Legal, tax, and accounting structuring of loan portfolio transfer
  • Support to buyers or sellers (drafting agreements, assistance in negotiations) regarding loan portfolio transfer
  • Debt restructuring services

Securities and funds

  • Assistance with the issuance and transfer of securities (shares, bonds, etc.)
  • Stock option plans
  • Investment fund structures
  • Non-governmental pension funds

Financing business

  • Structuring financing
  • Drafting and registering loan agreements with the National Bank of Ukraine
  • Drafting pledge agreements and registering encumbrances with the relevant state registers
  • Cash pooling advice

Financial regulations

  • Currency control and exchange advice
  • Advice on licensing and regulatory requirements
  • FATCA implications for Ukraine
  • Bank secrecy and personal data protection issues