CIMA Diploma in Business Performance Management

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PwC Academy is pleased to invite you to CIMA qualification Business Performance Management in Kyiv and Donetsk!


СІМА is:      

  • a qualification with an international reputation for excellence in modern financial management
  • deep knowledge in financial management and in other areas such as information systems, fundamentals of ethics in business, leadership and communications relevant to modern business requirements
  • building analytical and strategic skills allowing to shape and control the future of an organisation
  • СІМА membership allowing to use privileges offered by the association and have access to many CIMA resources and research
  • АСМА (Associate of The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) title, a gateway to a successful and challenging career in a senior role both with employers both in Ukraine and abroad


About Qualification 

  • The CIMA diploma in performance management is a management accounting qualification offered by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
  • The CIMA diploma in performance management is a globally recognised qualification
  • The language of tuition is Russian
  • Exams are fully equivalent of the P1 and P2 CIMA exams translated into Russian. They will be held twice a year, in May and November
  • For the students who subsequently choose to complete the full English-language CIMA syllabus, the CIMA diploma in performance management will give exemptions for equivalent papers in English and all five papers in  the CIMA CBA level (certificate in business accounting).



CIMA is the most relevant accounting qualification for business.

Becoming a chartered management accountant can accelerate your career and boost your salary. It is a proven path to business success.

Most accounting qualifications train people for private practice, working on external audit and tax issues.

CIMA prepares people for a career in business. It teaches skills for strategic advice, managing risk and making key decisions.

The research found that compared to the other bodies, CIMA's syllabus consistently provides:

  • more management accounting
  • more business strategy
  • more financial strategy.

The CIMA diploma in performance management in Russian provides the following benefits to the holders:

  • Professional qualification recognised in any country globally
  • Proven outstanding knowledge and expertise in management accounting relevant to performance management


Training Objectives

This tailored qualification is for management accounting specialists, finance professionals, accountants and non financial managers who want skills in using finance information for management decision making and to become CIMA-accredited professionals.
Students will gain:

• enhanced understanding of management accounting fundamentals

• knowledge of key performance appraisal tools and techniques

• skills in using finance information for management decision making and skills in performance management

• an opportunity to immediately contribute to the decision making process

• experience in making professional judgements relevant to application of knowledge and skills


The CIMA diploma in performance management syllabus comprises two compulsory modules:

  1. Performance operations (examР1)

• Cost accounting systems

• Forecasting and budgeting techniques

•Project appraisal

• Dealing with uncertainty in analysis

• Managing short-term finance

  1. Performance management (examР2)

• Pricing and product decisions

• Cost planning and analysis for competitive advantage

• Budgeting and management control

• Control and performance management of responsibility centres


Why PricewaterhouseCoopers?

The PwC Academy has a proven track record of delivering management accounting and financial management training. The PwC Academy faculty have broad practical experience as well as experience in developing and delivering professional training courses. All our tutors earned university degrees and/or professional qualifications in the USA or UK. PricewaterhouseCoopers offers flexible tuition options tailored to meet the students’ specific academic backgrounds and preferences.

Training materials provided to students include CIMA-approved materials translated into Russian and latest learning aids developed by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The PwC Academy provides full administrative support of the study process.