Creating and Implementing Strategies

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Our experienced and specialised team offers our clients a wide range of services.

The areas in which we can support your company encompass:


Changing the business model

Is your company affected by one of the problems mentioned below?

  • Lack of a clear market strategy, which causes a decrease in margins and market shares,
  • Operating in various segments without setting precise priorities - a wide product portfolio (including both low and high margin products) offered on various (more or less attractive) geographical markets,
  • Limited understanding of current and potential clients' needs.

How can PwC help your company?

The solution is to redefine the business model, which consists in:

  • Establishing the most attractive market segments and factors that guarantee success in those segments,
  • Defining a new product offer based on an analysis of clients' needs,
  • Establishing a position in the value chain,
  • Forming a marketing strategy.

In order to accomplish this, our company will, among others, conduct market research, desk research and interview the managers. Our work will result in:

  • Defining target segments (both current and new),
  • Defining the future of the remaining segments,
  • Establishing a 4P mix marketing strategy for those segments and creating a risk map,
  • Taking decisions regarding the future business model.


Implementing strategy

Many companies still face serious problems when translating their vision into the successful development of strategy. The real challenge for managing directors is not only working on a strategy but also implementing it.

How can PwC help your company?

We believe that the situation in which the management board bases its activity only on financial information is one of the basic problems for efficient strategy implementation. 

Therefore, we support enterprises in developing a system that would measure the effects of the realised strategy and help control the process of strategy implementation. In order to obtain this, we apply the concept of a Balanced Scorecard. 

The system comprises four perspectives, where the traditionally applied financial measurement perspective has been complemented with three other measurement perspectives: the client's perspective, the internal process perspective and the growth and learning perspective. A Balanced Scorecard translates vision and strategy into a system that efficiently communicates strategic intensions and monitors the company's accomplishments in relation to its set goals.

Our operating model

  • Stage 1 - establishing strategic goals,
  • Stage 2 - analysing and choosing indicators,
  • Stage 3 - developing strategic initiatives,
  • Stage 4 - cascading,
  • Stage 5 - linking to the monitoring system,
  • Stage 6 - integrating with the budgeting process.