Press Releases 2011

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Press releases 2011

15 December

36% of organizations in Ukraine reported economic crime in the last 12 months, says PwC

12 December

The Global Economic Crime Survey 2011, Ukraine. Cybercrime in the spotlight

19 October

PwC Quarterly Corporate Responsibility Newsletter - #7, 2011

14 October

PwC leads the way in Dnipropetrovsk

03 October

PwC reports FY2011 global revenues of US$29.2 billion

05 August

PwC is the co-organiser of the 3rd International Economic Forum “Innovations. Investments. Kharkiv initiatives!”

02 August

PwC: London dominates as European IPOs are boosted by natural resource demand in a hostile market

28 July

Record results but it’s clear the game has changed for the mining industry

22 July

PwC Quarterly Corporate Responsibility Newsletter - #6, 2011

14 July

PayWell 2011 Ukraine

11 July

PwC successfully completed developing Information Technology strategy and information security strategy for FUIB

17 July

Golden age of the digitally empowered consumer a new collaborative entertainment and media industry emerges from the global recession

16 July

E7 banking markets to overtake G7 earlier than projected - shift accelerated by financial crisis

4 May

Companies face crunch time on IPO decisions as markets remain volatile

27 April

PwC Quarterly Corporate Responsibility Newsletter - #5, 2011

19 April

Threefold increase in international metals deal activity is fuelling momentum in 2011

6 April

Mining industry is the global economy leader by deal volume and value

28 March

The global power deal market is finally seeing an upward trend in momentum from the lows reached in 2009

18 March

Confidence Rises among Global Automotive CEOs about 2011 Revenue Growth

9 March

PwC Ranked as a Business Consulting Leader worldwide

23 February

Rethinking the role of the state in the 21st century: governments must do things differently in a bid to deliver more for less

19 February

PwC will present corporate training programs at the Open Doors Day of the MBA Strategy company

11 February

Paying Taxes

9 February

Global mining companies predict gold rush in 2011

3 February

Strong IPO performance for Europe in Q4 bodes well for 2010

26 January

48% of CEOs are very confident of growth in the next 12 months

26 January

PwC Quarterly Corporate Responsibility Newsletter - #4, 2010