Transportation and Logistics

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Transportation & logistics

PwC has a dedicated transportation and logistics team that helps companies in this market area tackle various challenges often faced by them such as:

  • Financing the development of infrastructure for transportation through public-private partnerships.
  • Managing tax risks as rules and standards change regularly and helping form a clearly defined tax strategy.
  • Insufficient information and resources to correctly record and collect all revenues due to the company and to avoid income leakage, etc.

Our team provides audit, tax and legal services and can offer you optimal solutions in terms of taxation, preparation and presentation of financial statements, strategy and operational performance, financial restructuring, infrastructure and project financing and many other areas.

With over 5,000 professionals over the world, PwC has a strong network for their Transportation and logistics department, with experienced experts enabling us to efficiently resolve any issues, helping towards the success of your business.

Please contact us to discuss the issues that are of concern to you and choose a set of solutions that meet your company’s specific needs.


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