Telecom capabilities

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During the first decade of Ukraine's independence the telecommunications market has developed rapidly. As the market gradually liberalised, new services were introduced and new competitors, including international telecoms, entered the sector. In the early stages of the telecom market most companies pursued a 'go-get it' approach thereby enhancing an early advantage and consolidating a foot hold in the market. In the new millennium both existing telecommunications companies and potential new entrants to the Ukrainian market will be faced with increased competitive pressures and an increasingly shifting market environment. In order to remain competitive companies will have to develop superior capabilities in development and implementation of winning strategies, improvement of operational efficiency, innovation in products and services.

Our approach to every project is based on utilising leading methodologies and best practices, prior experiences and proven solutions to deliver value to our clients. Furthermore, we can draw upon our international resources in Information, Communications and Entertainment (ICE), to ensure that our clients have the leading specialists from around the world working to meet their specific needs. A number of proprietary PricewaterhouseCoopers solutions are aimed at achieving specific results - such as revenue maximisation - within a particular market segment.

Our clients in Ukraine include the leaders in key segments of the market - international long distance, mobile and satellite communications, fixed-line communications, data and Internet telecommunications. In addition, a number of key international telecom operators, including some of the leading investors in the sector, utilise our services to better understand how to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Ukrainian telecommunications market.