The speed of life: Consumer intelligence series

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Today's consumers are eager for companies to deliver exciting, personalized services -- and for the most part, they are willing to share personal information to get it. But getting consumers to share more in-depth personal information, such as access to their mobile phone data or their behaviors and habits related to Internet, games or media content, requires companies to offer something in return.

This report includes quantitative findings from an online survey of 1,002 participants and findings from a number of focus groups where PwC explored:

  • The behaviors and attitudes of consumers related to privacy and how that impacts their data, video and voice consumption behaviors
  • Opportunities for both companies and consumers to benefit from sharing information.

For businesses, consumer willingness to share information represents rich opportunities to reach and connect with them in new and exciting ways. Companies can encourage consumers to share more information by educating them about the benefits and being transparent about their practices.