Mine 2011. The game has changed

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This PwC publication provides an overview of current global mining trends. Following on from our previous publications, this edition covers the record results seen within the industry over the past 12 months, where combined net profits have reached $100 billion and total assets are approaching $1 trillion.

Last year we highlighted the growing optimism in the mining industry and demand fundamentals that were driving the industry back to boom times. The 2010 results have delivered on this expectation, but it is clear that the game has changed. This year, we cover the progress of emerging market players, global trends, results and commodity prices.

The mining industry now faces a new game, with the ever increasing scrutiny from the government, customers and stakeholders. The growing demand for natural resources, driven by emerging markets emphasises the fact that supply will be the biggest challenge the industry has to face. From this it is evident that there are many new factors within the industry that emphasise that, the game has changed.