Government and Public Sector

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Government and Public Sector

Governmental authorities at all levels are significantly affected by a range of global developments, such as the recent financial crisis, urbanisation, demographic challenges and heightened security concerns. Such global development trends shape the strategic plans adopted by governments to foster sustainable economic growth, and ensure the prosperity and well-being of citizens and businesses.

Competition between countries, and individual regions and cities is intensifying. The inflow of investment in infrastructure development reveals the global potential and competitive advantages of new economic agglomerations that are appearing on the map of the world. At the same time, cooperation between the public, private and non-profit sectors is taking on a global scale and becoming more active. In this context, government leaders face a number of critical challenges, including managing stakeholder relations and supporting an open dialogue based on trust.

At PwC, we can help national and local governments to better understand and effectively respond to the complex challenges they face. Over 12,500 PwC professionals in over 158 countries help governments, ministries, educational institutions and international governmental organisations improve their operational efficiency.


Government & Public Sector Services

In this brochure, you’ll learn about the global PwC network of firms’ many years of experience serving Government and Public Sector entities.


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