Core Quality Criteria

Our Core Quality criteria are agreed worldwide and influence all our major people development systems, from the initial recruitment interviews and later to promotion panels and the admission procedures for partnership. They establish a common framework of excellence in defining what we expect of our people:

  • Personal and professional development
    Commitment to lifelong development and learning
    Strives for success
  • Business skills
    Business vision
    Commercial awareness
    Entrepreneurial approach
  • Market delivery skills
    Technical skills
    Client handling skills
    Selling skills
  • Individual social and business interaction
    Negotiation skills
    Influences/builds relationships
    Team work
    Energy/Impact gravitas
  • Management skills
    People management skills
    Communication skills
    Planning and organizing capability
  • Leadership
    Motivates teams
    Innovation and creativity
  • Analytical skills
    Identifies issues
    Draws effective/sound conclusions