Careers Focus

Only firms like ours build in career development and fast-track salary progression. We inspire our people through the knowledge, learning and support of the company, and help them realise their personal and professional goals.

Appraisal and Counseling

Performance Appraisal and Development Program.
By identifying and establishing performance measures and capabilities that align our actions and our decisions to firm strategy, we can leverage our capabilities to achieve our overall mission - to be the breakaway professional services firm. Everyone is assigned a "counselling manager" who takes a special responsibility for their personal and professional development. It may be someone who is not usually your direct supervisor on an assignment, but someone chosen because he or she can add special value to your career development.

Continuous Counselling and Personal Development.
Counsellor and staff meet formally at beginning of financial year to assess development focus for the forthcoming year and prepare an annual plan, and at the end of the year to assess progress. Informally, counsellor and staff meet throughout the year to review capabilities development on specific engagements and overall progress against the development plan.

Performance Appraisal.
Every assignment on which you work will be appraised by your direct superior who may be a different person for each assignment. Twice a year at least, you will meet your counsellor who will review all of the appraisals with you as well as discussing your training plan, promotion prospects and future development.

During appraisal and counseling you should ensure that your career development needs and wishes are discussed and appropriate action decided. This is a process, which enables each member of staff to discuss fully and frankly performance, career aspirations and personal issues with a senior colleague. Such sessions take place on a regular basis either after each major assignment or at regular intervals each year. Each business sets standards of performance and seeks to develop all staff within that business; appropriate training is provided so that the standards may be met.