Consumer & Industrial Products and Services

Tanzania is an increasing focus of attention as a market for investors in Consumer Industries Products and Services (CIPS), a reflection of the following:

  • Strong real recent domestic growth (7.3% in 2013 and 7.0% in 2014), with particularly strong growth in the agriculture, construction, trade and transport sectors;
  • A large and fast growing population, estimated 47.2 million as of mid 2014
  • Membership of the East African Community, a Customs Union in the process of moving towards a Common Market, with an estimated population of 145.5 million as of mid 2014;
  • Geographical location driving growth as a transport hub linking to several countries inland.

At PwC we have significant experience in advising CIPS investors in various sectors including: agriculture, construction, manufacturing, telecommunications, tourism and transport.  For our statement of capabilities with respect to these sectors, do get in touch with the contact persons listed on this page.