Government and Public Sector

Our Government and Public Sector provides advisory services to Governments and their Development Partners (International Funding Institutions and Non-Government Organisations) aimed at improving the performance of the Public Sector.

We integrate our expertise in strategic change, process improvement and technology to provide solutions to Government Ministries, Agencies and other Institutions as they strive to improve delivery of services to the people. Also, Governments and their Development Partners deploy our services to obtain assurance that resources are expended on intended purposes and for optimal value. Our focus is on building capacity through developing systems and processes and enhancing institutional management.

By working in partnership with our clients, we obtain a thorough understanding of local issues and then draw on best practice solutions from our global network of skills and capabilities to deal with those issues.

Therefore, please contact us for assistance on:

  • Public policy advice
  • Support in implementation of Public Sector Reforms
  • Accountability and Assurance services