What we look for

We are looking for graduates from different disciplines that possess the following:-

  • Bachelor Degree

The graduates should also be willing to pursue a professional certification in different areas e.g. accounting, information technology, corporate finance and so on. As you would expect, a strong academic background is important, however, in our experience it is also well-rounded individuals who succeed in PwC.

On top of that, candidates are required to demonstrate fundamental skills which refer to our global core competencies. These are assessed throughout our application process, keep in mind that at PwC we never lose sight of the fact that it is our people who make us what we are. That’s why we welcome graduates from all disciplines. We are continually looking for highly skilled, ambitious and well-rounded people who want a challenging professional career. Candidates should make themselves aware of these, and how their own experiences may demonstrate each competency.

Analytical skills

Regardless of what role you play at PwC, you will no doubt spend a significant part of your time analyzing numerical data, verbal data and all other sources of information. Throughout our assessment process we will be observing your ability to gather relevant information, understand the broader context, and draw sound conclusions from the available information.

Personal drive & motivation

We place a strong emphasis on personal development, so we will be looking for people who can reflect on their past performances and recognize their own individual strengths and development needs. By doing so, it articulates career aspirations and setting of goals, which are aligned with the business.

Contributing to team success

Striving for excellence through working as part of successful teams is the key to our work. We will be looking for evidence of where you have worked in teams and contributed to your team's success.

Professional impact

We believe in acting with integrity in everything we do. It means upholding the best standards, adopting the right procedures and maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality. And if something is not right, we're not afraid to say so. That's why we are looking for the kind of person who is always professional and isn't afraid to speak their mind. We need people who can gain clear agreement and commitment from others through persuasion and negotiation; and most importantly, take responsibility for their actions.

Communication skills

Being able to communicate and listen effectively to others is vital at PwC. You'll need to be a confident communicator, able to get your point across and be just as happy listening to other people's ideas and opinions. We will be looking for people who can express themselves clearly, both in conversation and on paper.

Initiative & decision making

To be successful in business, you need to have the ability to make prompt, clear decisions which may involve tough choices or considered risk.


Our business and client needs are constantly changing and that means we have to adapt our work structures and processes, while maintaining 100% commitment to delivering high quality work. We are looking for people who can think on their feet and adjust to lots of different situations – without compromising on standards.