Recruitment Timetable

Graduate recruitment drive UDSM - 13 April 2013

Our staff will be on the ground to speak to you on what it takes to join PwC.

Mzumbe - To be advised


Online Application 20 March 2013 – 30th Apr 2013

Using our simplified application process, all applications will be through our PwC website careers page. Simply register your details and submit your application.

Aptitude Tests 12 May – 17  May 2013

We use the tests to ensure you are able to carry out the technical aspects of the job, not necessary how high you score! You will need:

• Original and copy of your identification document/passport
• Original and copy of your O-Level certificate
• Original and copy of your A-Level certificate
• Original and copy of your degree certificate
• Two passport-size photographs

Manager Interviews 27 May– 7 June 2013

Meet the managers and recruiters and get a chance to talk about your experiences and ask your questions. You will be required to bring the academic certificates, transcripts, copy of identification document and 2 passport photos as part of the verification process.


Partner Interview 17June – 5 July 2013

If successful in the first interview, we will invite you for this second one to meet more senior members of the PwC team to share your experiences and ask questions.


Offer to successful candidates 15 July 2013

Successful candidates will get a chance to work at PwC.

Pre-employment checks 22July – 26 July 2013

Getting you ready to join PwC , e.g. reference checks and pre-onboarding session with our staff.

Tentative Reporting Date 1st August 2013