Audit Services - Planning

Assurance Approach - Planning

Planning is the backbone of our efficiency and effectiveness.  Therefore, the starting point of any assignment is gaining an understanding of the business with the objective of identifying key issues, potential risk areas and materiality levels.

By meticulous attention to planning, we determine precisely what steps must be taken to meet assignment objectives.  Furthermore, we discuss with management our assignment plans before commencement of fieldwork to ensure their concurrence with planned approaches.  In this way, firm timetables can be set, meetings scheduled, and most importantly, fee estimates can be converted into fee commitments.

This phase includes:

  • Meeting with representatives of The Companies to gain an understanding of its business.
  • Review of all applicable documents considered necessary to perform the audit - agreements, sub-agreements, contracts, all relevant Acts.
  • Review and assessment of the accounting systems and control environment, specifically those established to record the utilization and disbursement of funds.
  • Development of work programmes based on the assessment of the accounting systems and control environment.
  • Approval of audit plan and work programs by engagement partner, and quality assurance partner ensuring that your requirements have been satisfied.

Assurance Approach - Execution