Crisis management: Business recovery services

Our business recovery professionals provide experienced and independent advice on optimizing the recovery of debts under debenture deeds.

As business recovery practitioners we assess the prospects for continuing the business and advise the debenture holders accordingly. Recommendations may lead to major restructuring and cost cutting measures to enable the business to continue operating. Alternatively, it may lead to the liquidation of the company’s assets or in the sale of the business as a going concern.

Our business recovery team ensures not only that the debenture holders interests are protected but that debts owed to other creditors, as well as employees, are recovered where possible and distributed in the most equitable manner.

Our Insolvency Manual, which is based on the laws of Trinidad and Tobago, was originally developed in the UK and contains well-documented procedures, which are continuously maintained.

A brief description of the services we provide follows:


These services may involve an initial identification of creditors, day to day running of the business, restructuring or downsizing, management of industrial relations, disposal of the business as a going concern, disposal of assets, liaising with lawyers and ensuring legal and tax compliance.


These include:

  • Members voluntary liquidations;
  • Creditors voluntary liquidations;
  • Creditors compulsory liquidations; and
  • Court appointed liquidations.

Other Services

Other services which we can provide include:

  • Independent business reviews;
  • Pre-lending reviews;
  • Optimised exit services; and
  • Court appointed/Judicial management.

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